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Welcome To Career Counseling You Can Count On
Sharon McCormick, M.S., M.C.C., G.C.D.F., C.P.R.W.
Career and Leadership Development Coach

What I Believe

"The most effective way to achieve the right relationship with any person is to look for the best in them, and then help them achieve their highest and fullest expression."
~ Allen J. Boone
This quote guides me each and every day in my work with people. I am a people developer who leads my clients on a journey of self-assessment, self-awareness, self-discovery, self-actualization, and fulfillment. I serve as a Transformational Executive Career Coach specializing in conscious career change for values-driven leaders and executives who are ready to advance and / or expand their intent, presence, and impact in the world.

Transformation means…

  • YOU leveraging your unique talents
  • YOU working in environments ideal for you
  • YOU leading transformational change
  • YOU impacting the world

We work together to select and manage the appropriate career services for your specific goals. My job is to quantify your career goals, provide the best services to meet them, and exceed your expectations in service delivery.

Would you like to take a free online assessment to gain insight into your occupational preferences?
Feel free to take the Jung Typology Test and book a session with me to learn how your "type" influences your career satisfaction-and learn what kind of working environment is best for you.

Free Online Typology Assessment:
Jung Typology Test at HumanMetrics.com

What My Clients Had to Say

Can I only choose 3 words to describe Sharon? It hardly does justice. This woman is so well prepared for her work and so fun to work with. She is doing angel work - no make that the work of 6 angels. Sharon consistently impressed me with the amount of time and information she had just for me. She makes you feel like you are her only client and she has all the time in the world for you. Sharon knows exactly where you need help whether you know it or not. Her support is genuine and inspiring. Thank you Sharon! Suzanne Ballantyne 'simple practice
Suzanne Ballantyne
I first contacted Sharon in September 2010 and instantly felt that I had made the right decision. Sharon is very personable and made me feel comfortable in telling her stories from my life and career. She helped give me the confidence to take the next step in my career and not be afraid to speak up. Sharon has since started writing a weekly column for me and it has been a great experience as well. Her writing is relevant to my readers, and I have never had any issues with getting the column on time - and in a deadline-driven industry, this cannot be understated! My experience with Sharon was, and continues to be, one of high importance. I highly recommend her work!
Kristina Amidon
Over the years Sharon has always shown the utmost in professionalism and knowledge of her craft. She takes the time to get to know you and what you are about, then apply it to your needs. I would not hesitate to have Sharon represent me or my business.
Adrianne St. Clair
Sharon is an incredibly gifted professional who has helped myself (and many others I am sure) see the potential they have. When transitioning from a governmental job to the outside market I wasn't able to see clearly my strengths and certainly not able to put them into a well written resume. The resume Sharon developed, helped get me the job and subsequently higher level jobs since. While it was Sharon's job to help me, she did more than what I asked and continues to be a valuable resource for me. Thank you Sharon - you have incredible talents and are a gift!
Kim Jowell
Chief Executive Officer at Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
Sharon is a detail oriented person who counsels individuals as though that person was the only person in the world that matters. Sharon is conscientious and respects the client/coach relationship with the utmost of confidence. Sharon will work tirelessly for the benefit of the client to help them achieve their career goals.
Doris Kilmain
Sharon has worked with me to better instill qualities to help my business background stand out and find that right job position which my skills and background can match. She has made it easy to pursue business job opportunities and has given me the right tools to use in going after that particular opportunity. Sharon helped me overcome roadblocks in applying and following up for jobs in our busy world with the human resources people and companies that run it. Sharon has gone far beyond doing the basic tasks needed to help me to succeed, she is a true career professional whom I would recommend to anyone looking to change or further their careers.
Debbie Mitchell
I had the pleasure of first meeting Sharon McCormick in November 2007 and am I glad I did! Sharon is a gifted career coach. She helped me become a Licensed Certified Health and Wellness Coach, start my own corporation and own a web based business. She is a gem! If career change is your goal, you will find Sharon McCormick a fabulous coach and a great friend. Sincerely, Sumer Benson RN
Summer Benson
Sharon is truly an invigorating person. She has a lot of energy and demonstrates her enthusiasm in her work. She goes out of her way to find many resources for her clients to utilize when searching for jobs and is very knowledgeable in this area. Sharon is prompt, efficient and keeps her clients eager to search for employment or ways in which to improve upon their future.
JoAnn Buehler, M.S.
Adjunct Spanish Instructor at Lenoir-Rhyne University
If you are making a career/industry change, have Sharon on your team. Sharon will help you understand how you professionally shine and then will work with you to transform your online presence and resume so that others can understand that as well. Her depth of knowledge about how HR works and her resourcefulness are undeniable. I am confident I have the tools I need in this challenging economy to find my next job in my new city. Thank you, Sharon!
Monica Hedman
Product Manager at Fisher Investments
Working with Sharon has been an amazing experience! She is quick, intelligent, and creative, and she uses these and other great qualities to enhance her work process and final product. I was continually impressed by Sharon's ability to multi-task while thinking outside the box to conjure cutting-edge ideas and solutions beyond the norm. Additionally, her attention and dedication to following up even after the completion of a project is exemplary and speaks to her work ethic and her character. Sharon cares for the people and projects with which she's involved, and it shows from Day 1. She is invested in her endeavors and those which help others. It has been my pleasure to work with Sharon McCormick; I highly recommend her to others.
Sharon Chen
Sharon McCormick is a wonderful resource, coach and strategist for navigating through the interview process and positioning oneself for advancement and career fulfillment.
Alejandro Sanchez
I was fortunate to have met Sharon McCormick when my husband was her client in 2005. She worked so well with my husband that when I needed a career coach, I instantly hired Sharon. Not only is she thorough in her assessments and recommendations, but she always comes up with new ideas for her clients that they never considered before. After one session with Sharon, you will feel as though you have a new best friend who is as concerned about your career as you are. If you are looking for a credible, knowledgeable, client-focused career coach, look no further than Sharon McCormick!
Sonja Hernandez Bussell, PHR
I would like to thank you for your high-energy, professional direction and guidance in my careering changing search. You treated me like I was a family member, not a client, and that make the world of difference in the confidence I had in you. As you know, I initially created my own resume and tried to go it alone for many months and thought all those years of experience would open the door to the perfect opportunity for me. Was I wrong! With you it took a month. I cannot express in words how happy I am that I found you with all the knowledge and experience that you bring to the competitive career search table. Thank you for the One-of- A-Kind brilliantly written resume. Thank you for extracting the key points from my career experience that hiring managers look for. Thank you for the close guidance while I prepared my portfolio. Thank you for the close direction, and practice sessions preparing me for the hiring managers multiple phone interviews and in person interviews, down to the details on what jewelry and type and color suit and tie to wear. It goes without saying, thank you for the many insider and confidential type pointers that job seekers like me are not aware and you provided that make the difference between success and frustration. This is not good-bye, only, thank you. Rich
Richard Cantelmo
Sharon is amazing! She truly understood me and my career path. She has able to understand my vision and she was able to make recommendations based on the information I told her. She was an excellent listener; she also made suggestions and various options to the ideas I had given here. I highly recommend her services to anyone. I will continue to use her services as I begin my process of pursuing new opportunities.
Ema Temu
Ms. McCormick is a very friendly and caring Career Counselor. She is reasonable in her price points and cares for her clients’ well-being.
Nicholas Langel
My favorite part of the online system was the career match. The questions that were asked really helped me convert my interest into the major for me. The online program actually helped me make the decision to double major in Accounting and Finance instead of Actuary Science. So far I am really enjoying this major and I have a lot of plans for the future once I graduate with the two degrees. Once again I would like to say thank you!
Shalinda Hill
Sharon has been a great help in providing me all the necessary tools and advice to differentiate myself in a very competitive market. She made a significant difference in helping me transition to my ideal job. Sharon offers a flexible schedule, motivation to succeed, and the ability to boost your specific strengths to obtain the job that best fits your qualifications and desire. I would highly recommend working with Sharon if you want to see results in a short period of time.
John C. Constantino Jr
Sharon McCormick has worked with our nonprofit company as a volunteer HR consultant for over two years. She is an extremely experienced and personable individual who has gone above and beyond to provide the professional help that our "hard-to-place" clients need in finding a job. I highly recommend her as a career coach.
Gilda Womble
Sharon is a great career counselor and coach. She is always available to you and provides you with the right knowledge and information you need. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend her to other people. I enjoy working with her. She has helped me a long way.
Gina Ipolysagi
It was wonderful how quickly Sharon got to know me and my needs and tailored our conversations to meet those needs immediately. She was great to work with and I've recommended her to family and friends who strongly agree.
Alexander Schneider
Sharon McCormick is one of the most prepared and organized professionals I know. We conducted the "Making A Living As A Writer" workshop together this fall at Duke and she was always going the extra mile to give our participants the best possible information in our presentation. Also, Sharon has a way with making her audience feel comfortable and ready to learn. I hope Sharon and I teach many more workshops together.
A. Osborn
Even from reading her first e-mail message, I felt at my core that hiring Sharon was a smart move during my career change. Recently, I read an article that encapsulates her fabulous coaching techniques, ironically titled '10 Things Your Career Counselor Isn't Telling You' (http://up.theladders.com/career-advice/10-things-career-counselor-telling-you). The irony is in how skillfully Sharon covered each item listed in the article, and to the extent she worked to exceed my expectations and her duties in our contract. Sharon is foremost a realist. She knows her clients need employment, but she does more than help them find a paycheck. Through thoughtful evaluation of an individual's strengths and interests, Sharon guides clients to find meaningful work in the dizzying maze of employment ads and online search engines. Her coaching emphasizes self-examination and personal growth, and offers support to get past "mental obstacles" to success. I am thrilled with her work and highly recommend Sharon McCormick!
Cathy Downs
Sharon is great to work with. She is very enthusiastic and loves sharing information as well as new and unique ways to prepare for job interviews. She has marvelous insight into how to better conduct job searches and develop a career transition plan. I really appreciated the fact that Sharon’s career counseling and therapy backgrounds combined to provide me with exactly what I needed as I sought a different professional situation. I would highly recommend Sharon if you want that extra edge to get that interview and land that perfect job.
Cathy Downs
Sharon provided excellent career counseling services that enabled me to apply my own untapped resources for enthusiasm, creativity, and diligence. I can now identify jobs that match my career goals and apply to them knowing I have a great resume, portfolio, and cover letter. With the knowledge I gained I know I'm much better equipped to pursue a career that will be rewarding in the ways that are most important to me.
Brett Holcomb
Sharon is a professional who provides excellent service and really listens to you so that her work fits your needs.
Stacy McKay
Sharon is a great career counselor and coach. She is always available to you and provides you with the right knowledge and information you need. I would absolutely without a doubt recommend her to other people. I enjoy working with her. She has helped me a long way.
Gina Ipolysagi, B.S
Assistant at Christian Health Care Center
Sharon has been asked on several occasions to assist students in my career management class here at Miller-Motte College in Cary. She has made some dynamic presentations in preparing students for their job search and interview experiences. Sharon's wealth of knowledge coined with her unique presentation style offers valuable tips for students in helping them "Crush the Competition". Sharon has also served on mock interview panels to assess student's interviewing skills while offering meaningful feedback. She is a great asset to our school due to her passion and dedication. Keep up the Great Work!
Earl Wiggins
General Studies Program Director at Miller-Motte College
Sharon is by far the most accomplished individual I've ever met. Upon our first meeting we made an instant connection. Her perceptive demeanor impressed me as soon as I sat down, she knew exactly how to communicate with me. Sharon's energy is contagious, soon after I met her I had no apprehension to taking the next step into attaining my professional goals. She lent her insight and creativity to helping me capture the most rewarding career. Sharon is an Au fait career counselor, I recommend her to anyone looking for more out of life and career alike. She is well adapted to the ever changing job market and is so well plugged in that she immediately found other professionals in my field for me to speak with. Thank you Sharon, Andrew D
Andrew Dart
Sharon is truly an expert in her field, and I would recommend her to anyone. I have hired her on more than one occasion and got outstanding results. Most recently I was in need of a resume update. The revised resume Sharon gave me was so good that my phone rings off the hook with job prospects. She is very thorough, knowledgeable in the field and industrious. She also has a great way of motivating people and helping them to see their true value in today's marketplace. I think Sharon is the best!
Thomas Neuhauser
Sharon is a great at what she does as career counselor and very helpful in giving correct advice and recommendations. She is an expert at career counseling work. Her help boosted my confidence, knowledge about how career advancement work etc... and above all I got a job I was looking for. She gave me great resources to work with. I am very satisfied with her, so I have hired her multiple times. Thanks to Sharon for all her help. Nital Patel
Nital Patel
I am so excited to write this recommendation for my friend, Sharon McCormick! My colleagues and I recently had the pleasure of having Sharon speak to a group of students in one of our career classes on campus at Miller-Motte College in Cary. She reinforced the importance of soft skills, offered solid interviewing techniques and let the students know the value of LinkedIn. Sharon presented the information in a format that was fun, interactive and spontaneous. She made the students laugh and she encouraged them to think. Everyone was absolutely mesmerized by Sharon, and they hung on her every word. The next day, students came up to me in the hallway, all smiles, and thanked me for bringing her into the classroom. They said, “The information was excellent and she was hilarious!” Sharon, thank you. We cannot wait for you to come back again and share your knowledge and experience with us.
Melissa Rowland
Employer Relations Director
Sharon has been a terrific catalyst for my thinking and my ability to define my next steps in my career journey. She is energetic, supportive, insightful, and has wonderful tools that she's developed to articulate the core elements of career search to successfully landing a position or creating an opportunity. In addition, she's developed a phenomenal network of people to support any and every aspect of your work life journey whether it's finding an existing position, creating a new opportunity, or developing your own business. Sharon is a gem!
Blandine Etienne
I first contacted Sharon in September 2010 and instantly felt that I had made the right decision. Sharon is very personable and made me feel comfortable in telling her stories from my life and career. She helped give me the confidence to take the next step in my career and not be afraid to speak up. Sharon has since started writing a weekly column for me and it has been a great experience as well. Her writing is relevant to my readers, and I have never had any issues with getting the column on time - and in a deadline-driven industry, this cannot be understated! My experience with Sharon was, and continues to be, one of high importance. I highly recommend her work!
Jake Volcsko
Digital Services Director, Paid Content and Audience Development Expert
When you are looking to re-evaluate your career or change your career environment, I highly recommend Sharon. She is energetic, creative, thought provoking and gets you headed down the right path. I was at a point in my career where I was unsure of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. After hiring Sharon, she helped me evaluate my entire career, determine what I liked and disliked about the various jobs I had, and ultimately got me focused on what I wanted to do. Within months I had a new career in a new state. Sharon pushes you to move forward. I would highly recommend Sharon. She has become a resource that I know I can bounce ideas off of, look to for guidance and count on for encouragement.
Elizabeth Goode
Sharon's expertise and professionalism is unsurpassed. She is a joy to work with.
Anne Brister
Sharon assisted me as a graduate student completing a project. This connection turned out to be one of the best professional connections I have had. Sharon spiced up my resume and assisted in preparing me for a very important interview. Needless to say, my resume and sharpened interview skills won me the job. I am happy to say if it were not for Sharon's expertise, I may not have been prepared for the interview process, nor may my resume have stood out among the rest.
Whitney Gregg
Research Assistant at The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
Sharon was instrumental in helping my career progress to the next level. Her energy, passion, and devotion are contagions, and I know that she truly cares about her clients. She is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but she is able to pass on that information clearly with a very positive and motivational approach.
Lauron Medley Dott, M.S.
Sharon is a high energy, go getter with a more than exemplary work ethic. You can always be assured she will do her ultimate best with the task at hand.
Carol Heynen
Sharon served as a volunteer career counselor at The Women's Center working with clients of various backgrounds. She is detailed oriented, caring, energetic, and very creative. She is always looking out for the best interest of her clients even when she is not volunteering here. Anyone would be thrilled to have her on their team!!
Jennifer Brizzie Grady